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Need Custom Symbols?

700+ Hand-made Doodle Symbols

  • - in easily editable vector format
  • - wide variety of subjects covered
  • - personal touch for your creations
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Over 700 Symbols

Create documents with hand-sketched look and feel, with little effort. There's bit of everything included - from UI elements & presentation shapes to food and household items.

See what you'll get

You can easily combine these to create many more symbols...


What's New?

Based on feedback from existing customers (thanks everyone!), Vector Doodlekit now contains:

Symbol Names

Most popular request by far - each individual symbol now has few (1-3) keywords in its filename, to allow easier searching and automatic naming in some products. Original prefix+number stays too (ie. "vdk-491-person-worker-spanner.svg").

Inverse Version

All symbols (in all formats) are now also available in inverse white color, to work on dark backgrounds right away.

100px Bitmaps

To work better with tools that don't support vectors (yet), 100x100px version of each symbol is available in PNG format (original 450px hi-res versions are still included!).

Fixes & Cleanup

About 50 symbols were retouched and cleaned up.

All these changes are available for free to existing customers (please get in touch if you didn't get the update e-mail). Don't have Vector Doodlekit yet? Click Here to buy it right now. ×

Editable Vector Files

You can freely change the shapes


Wide variety of subjects covered

These are just very few of the bundle


Vector Doodlekit License

After purchase you can use Vector Doodlekit symbols for commercial or personal use with no limitation, except of reselling it as a library or distributing it for free. You are free to modify the shapes as well.



Add human touch to your slides - just few seemingly imperfect hand-drawn pictures can create personal tone, making your audience more interested in your message.

Editable Vector Files

All symbols are vector shapes, so you can scale them infinitely without loosing quality. You can also easily combine multiple symbols, rearrange details or change colors.*


You can quickly grab (copy&paste) symbols as you brainstorm your next big thing. Don't waste time worrying how to draw certain items, focus on developing the idea instead.

Multiple Formats

Illustrator and SVG for graphic artists, Keynote, individual PDF and hires PNG's for the business users. You can start using symbols right away, no need to save or export.*


There are several common UI elements included for your wireframing needs, you can also use any symbol in flow charts, or as item placeholders in your mockups. You can use the symbols with Balsamiq or Wireframe Sketcher.

*Please note: Only Illustrator and PDF files allow shape editing (if opened in vector editor).

Use it with FigurePool

Use it with SimpleDiagrams

Most of Vector Doodlekit symbols are now available as part of FigurePool - a new online tool for creating and sharing diagrams.
Some of the Vector Doodlekit symbols are now also available as SimpleDiagrams symbol libraries. Go grab them while they're hot!

It also works great with

Free version

Adobe Photoshop ™ Adobe Illustrator ™ Adobe Indesign ™ Balsamiq Mockups Apple Keynote Apple Pages Microsoft Word Microsoft Powerpoint
To preview the collection, or if you don't need the hires PNG and editable vector files, download all (ver. 1.0) symbols as 32px PNG files.